Ending Support for Tape Based Flight Recorders

Indonesia CASR (Civil Aviation Safety Regulation) 121.344 Amendment 9 Paragraph (d) mentions as following
(d) Except as provided in paragraph (f) of this section, use of the following recorders shall be discontinued:
(1). Engraving metal foil FDRs.
(2). Analogue FDRs using frequency modulation (FM) by 1 January 2012.
(3). Photographic film FDRs.
(4). Magnetic tape FDRs by 1 January 2016.

Hence PT. Aering will stop support for the mentioned FDR types from the according mentioned date. The magnetic tape FDRs, as the only mentioned type that is currently supported by PT. Aering, the support for FDR readout will be stopped from 1 January 2016. This types of FDRs are including following models: Loral F800, Plessey P/N 650/1/14040/XXX, and UFDR P/N: 980-4100-XXXX.

With regards the CVRs (Cockpit Voice Recorders), the CASR 121.344a Amendment 9 Paragraph (b) and (d) mention as following,

(b) The use of magnetic tape and wire CVRs shall be discontinued by 1 January 2016.
(d) From 1 January 2016, all CVRs shall be capable of retaining the information recorded during at least the last two hours of their operation.

Then, based on the mentioned regulation, PT. Aering will stop support for the magnetic tape CVRs, including models: A100, 980-6005, etc from 1 January 2016. Regarding the length of time of retaining the information recorded during at least two hours of their operation, PT. Aering will give more attention to CVR models with less than two hours recording capacity.