Flight Data Monitoring Programme (FDM-P)

Flight Data Analysis (FDA) programme, sometimes referred to as Flight Data Monitoring (FDM) or Flight Operations Quality Assurance (FOQA), is the pro-active and non-punitive programme for gathering and analyzing data, digitally recorded during routine flights to improve aviation safety. FDA programmes are a logical component of a mature safety management system. The use of this most important safety tool is growing as technology expands the capabilities of gathering and analyzing such data. The rate of accidents which occur in the arena of operations can be reduced by the proper application of FDA techniques in everyday airline operations, thus allowing flight operations occurrences to be analyzed and corrected on a day-by-day basis. The information and insights provided by FDA can improve safety by identifying safety hazards and enhancing training effectiveness, operational procedures, maintenance and engineering procedures, and air traffic control procedures, Ref: ADVISORY CIRCULAR 120 – CSEA 007.

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Aering has experience for years on data analysis for regular and special purposes, such as Flight Data Recorder (FDR) readout and event/incident analysis. For advanced service of this data analysis, Aering also provide FDA programme service so that customers can get further benefits of their flight recorder data. Aering as FDA service provider shall perform data analysis activities from routine flights to detect events and/or obtain the data trends. By getting the information, customers through their manager of the air operator’s Flight Safety Programme may assess it and can perform remedial actions to improve their safety.


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